Do you have a wedding to plan with your foreign fiance?

Don't risk being separated any longer than necessary - learn more about the fiance visa process before you start any paperwork

Before you apply for a fiance visa, make sure that you understand whether you qualify, the evidence needed to get your application approved, and how to avoid unnecessary delays…

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The Fiance Visa Guide includes:

  • Description of the basic requirements to qualify for a fiance visa so that you understand if a fiance visa may be an option
  • Description of the entire process from filing the initial petition to getting a green card for your fiance so that you can better plan for when you may be able to have your wedding in the United States
  • Initial checklists so that you’ll know what information you’ll need to collect to get started with the process
  • Information to help you understand whether you should hire an immigration lawyer to help you with the process (not everyone will need the help of a lawyer to navigate the process)

Fiance Visa Guide for DC and Virginia Residents

If you’d like to help your fiance or fiancee immigrate to the United States, then you know how important it is to get things right from the very beginning. Even little mistakes can lead to long delays or added expenses — keeping you and your fiance separated longer than necessary. If your fiance is already in the United States and you plan to apply for a green card after you get married, immigration mistakes could land your spouse in deportation proceedings — which is a stressful experience that you don’t want your loved one to go through.

If your fiance is overseas, the best way to help your fiance get a fiance visa as quickly as possible is to take the time to learn about your options and the issues that you should consider when deciding how to move forward. By taking the time to learn about the fiance visa process, you minimize the amount of time that you and your fiance will spend apart. If your fiance is already in the United States, learning about the green card process can help minimize delays and reduce the stress your fiance will experience in going through the green card process after you get married.

I wrote the Fiance Visa Guide for Virginia Residents to help you better understand the fiance visa process and the legal issues that commonly come up in fiance immigration cases.

Because I believe that it is important for you to learn about your fiance visa and green card options before you move forward with your case, I’m offering to send a FREE paperback copy to DC and Virginia residents. To request your copy, simply fill out the request form so that I know where to send the book.

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About the Author

Kimberley Schaefer helps future Americans become citizens. She does this by helping people navigate the process of obtaining green cards, fiance visas, immigrant visas and waivers so that they can become permanent residents. She can be reached by calling (202) 350-0232 or through She has offices in Reston, Virginia, Fairfax, Virginia and Washington, DC.