Do you qualify for deferred action for DREAMers?

Do you understand the risks and benefits of deferred action?

Before you apply for deferred action, make sure that you understand whether you qualify, the evidence needed to get your application approved, and the risks and benefits of applying…

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Only you can decide if deferred action is right for you — make sure that you are making the best decision for your situation

Because deferred action is a brand new policy, only limited information is available. The application forms won’t even be available until at least August 15, 2012. But you can prepare by requesting your free copy of the Deferred Action Guide so that you can:

  • Learn about the qualifications for deferred action to make sure that you qualify before you submit any forms to the government
  • Understand the risks and benefits of deferred action so that you can decide if you should apply
  • Review the checklist of documents and information that you should begin collecting

The only way you can make the best decision for you is to learn as much as possible about the deferred action policy before you do anything else.

The digital version of the book is 31 pages long and includes sections on:

        • Qualifications for deferred action
        • Deferred action application process
        • Deferred action fees
        • Common questions and answers
        • Deferred action application checklist
Also included in the book is a discussion of whether you need an immigration lawyer to assist you with the deferred action application process. Although many people may not need the assistance of a lawyer, the book highlights when you should talk to a lawyer and how a lawyer may be able to help you develop a long term immigration strategy. After all, deferred action is a temporary policy that does not give you a pathway to becoming a permanent resident. By talking with an immigration lawyer, you can better understand all of your options for eventually becoming a permanent resident.

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Download your copy of the Deferred Action Guide for Virginia and DC Residents now: