Do I need to hire an immigration lawyer for my asylum case?

An asylum lawyer or immigration lawyer can increase your chance of a successful asylum application. As described in an American Bar Association report, in 2003, 39% of non-detained represented asylum seekers received political asylum. Only 14% of non-detained unrepresented asylum seekers were successful. Among detained asylum seekers, 18% of those represented by an asylum lawyer were successful. Only 3% of those who were not represented were granted asylum. In addition, 25% of asylum seekers with legal representation who were initially detained at a port-of-entry without proper documents were successful, compared to 2% approval rates for those without representation.

What will an asylum lawyer do for you?
Your immigration lawyer will assist you by:

  • Confirming that you meet the basic requirements for political asylum
  • Preparing your asylum application
  • Identifying and collecting evidence to support your asylum application
  • Coordinating expert testimony if needed
  • Drafting court motions and briefs
  • Conducting direct and cross-examination during your hearing in immigration court
  • Identifying witnesses to testify at your asylum hearing

You are not required to have an asylum lawyer represent you in your asylum application. But, as the above numbers show, being represented by an immigration lawyer can greatly improve the chances of a successful asylum application.

If you live in the Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia area, your local asylum office is the Arlington Asylum Office. If you live in Maryland and your asylum case will be heard by an immigration judge, your case will most likely be assigned to the Baltimore Immigration Court. If you live in DC or Virginia and your case will be heard by an immigration judge, your case will most likely be assigned to the Arlington Immigration Court. If your case if before the Arlington Asylum Office, the Baltimore Immigration Court or the Arlington Immigration Court and would like to speak with an asylum lawyer, please contact the Schaefer Law Firm or call (202) 642-4529.

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